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The Serious Goose

The Serious Goose By Written and illustrated by Jimmy Kimmel

Meet a very Serious Goose in late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's first fun and funny picture book! There is nothing silly about this goose. You CANNOT make her laugh, so DON'T EVEN TRY!

Written, illustrated, and lettered by Jimmy Kimmel, this picture book challenges young readers to bring the silly out of a very Serious Goose. Inspired by Jimmy's nickname for his kids, The Serious Goose reminds us to be silly in a serious way. Put your little comedians in front of a mylar mirror and challenge them to make this no-nonsense goose smile. This delightful read-aloud is guaranteed to create gaggles of giggles time and time again!
Kimmel’s proceeds from sales of THE SERIOUS GOOSE will be donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and children’s hospitals around the country.


Sisterland By Salla Simukka

Fall under the spell of this contemporary fairy tale that's perfect for fans of Emily Winfield Martin's Snow & Rose and the Chronicles of Narnia series.

Alice thought it was unusual to see a dragonfly in the middle of winter. But she followed it until she fell down-down-down, and woke up in a world unlike any other.

Welcome to Sisterland, a fantastical world where it is always summer. The most enchanting magic of all, though, is Alice's new friend Marissa. But as the girls explore the strange land, they learn Sisterland's endless summer comes at a price. Back on Earth, their homes are freezing over. To save their families, Alice and Marissa must outwit the powerful Queen Lili. But the deeper they go into Sisterland, the less Alice and Marissa remember about their homes, their lives before, and what they are fighting for.

This is a wondrous tale about heroism, loyalty, and friendship from one of the most celebrated Finnish children's authors, Salla Simukka.

Cuenta con Dr. Seuss 1 2 3 (Dr. Seuss's 1 2 3 Spanish Edition)

Cuenta con Dr. Seuss 1 2 3 (Dr. Seuss's 1 2 3 Spanish Edition) By Dr. Seuss

¡Un libro para aprender a contar, en español y rimado, creado por Dr. Seuss e ilustrado con dibujos de sus libros!

¡Cuenta con Dr. Seuss y aprende los números mientras te diviertes! Este sencillo y rítmico riff acerca de contar está ilustrado con los dibujos de algunos de sus libros más queridos, entre otros: Un pez, dos peces, pez rojo, pez azul; El Gato Ensombrerado y ¡Yo puedo leer con los ojos cerrados! Pensado para los lectores principiantes, y para los que están aprendiendo a contar, ¡este libro es ideal para fomentar el amor por los números y por las historias de Dr. Seuss!
Creada por Dr. Seuss, la colección de libros para primeros lectores (Beginner Books) anima a los niños a leer solos con palabras sencillas y divertidos dibujos que dan sentido a la lectura.

Las ediciones rimadas en español de los clásicos de Dr. Seuss, publicadas por Random House, brindan la maravillosa oportunidad de disfrutar de sus historias a más de treinta y ocho millones de personas hispanohablantes en Estados Unidos. Los lectores podrán divertirse con las ediciones en español de The Cat in the Hat (El Gato Ensombrerado); Green Eggs and Ham (Huevos verdes con jamón); One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (Un pez, dos peces, pez rojo, pez azul); The Lorax (El Lórax); Oh, the Places You'll Go! (¡Oh, cuán lejos llegarás!); How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (¡Cómo el Grinch robó la Navidad!); The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (El Gato Ensombrerado ha regresado); I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! (¡Yo puedo leer con los ojos cerrados!); Horton Hears a Who! (¡Horton escucha a Quién!); The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins (Los 500 sombreros de Bartolomé Cubbins); There's a Wocket in My Pocket! (¡Hay un Molillo en mi Bolsillo!); Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? (¡El Sr. Brown hace Muuu! ¿Podrías hacerlo tú?); Ten Apples Up on Top! (¡Diez manzanas en la cabeza!); What Pet Should I Get? (¿Cómo podré decidir qué mascota elegir?); Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories (Yoruga la Tortuga y otros cuentos); Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! (¡Oh, piensa en todo lo que puedes pensar!); The Foot Book! (¡Cuántos, cuántos pies!); Happy Birthday to You! (¡Feliz cumpleaños!); Come Over to My House (Ven a mi casa); Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book (¡Dormilones!); Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog? (¿Preferirías ser una rana?); Horton Hatches the Egg (Horton cuida un nido) y Dr. Seuss's 1  2  3 (Cuenta con Dr. Seuss 1  2  3).

A rhymed Spanish concept book about counting, inspired by Dr. Seuss and illustrated with artwork from his books!

Count on Dr. Seuss to make learning numbers fun! This simple, rhymed riff about counting is illustrated with art from some of his most beloved works, including One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish; The Cat in the Hat, and I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! Great for the earliest reader—and beginning counter—it's perfect for nurturing a love of numbers and of Dr. Seuss!

No More Bedtime!

No More Bedtime! By Chuck Richards

A vibrantly illustrated picture book about an inventive boy who hates bedtime, so he decides to build a top-secret machine that would put an end to it once and for all!

Elliot doesn't like bedtime. It always comes before he is finished with his day! He constantly creates new inventions to outwit his parents and stay up later—like the MEGA-BOOK 5000 and the PILLOW-COPTER 5000.

Nothing works, until Elliot has a brainstorm. This flash of genius leads to the ultimate machine that can keep the sun from setting for as long as Elliot wants.

But is a never-ending day as amazing as it has always seemed?

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