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Blog Feature

Dragons in a Bag

Dragons in a Bag Guide

Download the Discussion Guide for Wander in the Dark by Jumata Emill

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Misfit Mysteries Guide

Discussion questions, activity ideas, and more!

RHCB Young Adult Debut Class of 2024

Book of the Month

Elijah's Easter Suit

Eijah’s Easter Suit

In a story full of style, sass, and significance, a young boy goes on a quest for the perfect Easter church outfit, inspired by elders from his community. Along the way learns about the importance of Easter traditions to his family, his ancestors, and the Black church.

Elijah is on a mission to find the perfect church outfit for Easter. But when failed attempts at his town’s stores leave Elijah disappointed, an important ...

Author of the Month

Jumata Emill

Jumata Emill is a journalist who has covered crime and local politics in Mississippi and parts of Louisiana. He earned his BA in mass communications from Southern University and A&M College. He’s a Pitch Wars alum and a member of the Crime Writers of Color. When he’s not writing abou ...

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