New Summer Middle-Grade

¡Día de playa! (Beach Day! Spanish Edition)
A to Z Animal Mysteries #1: The Absent Alpacas
Arfy and the Stinky Smell
Back to the Bright Before
Bravey (Adapted for Young Readers)
Dear Rosie
Field of Screams
Gnome and Rat
Ham Helsing #3: Raising the Stakes
History Smashers: Christopher Columbus and the Taino People
How to Go Hiking
It's Not Bragging If It's True
Jurassic Jeff: Space Invader (Jurassic Jeff Book 1)
Katie the Catsitter #3: Secrets and Sidekicks
Lo and Behold
Marshmallow Martians: Earth School
Menacing Manor
Misty the Cloud: Fun Is in the Air
Night of the Ninjas Graphic Novel
Once in a Blue Moon
Once Upon a Zombie: Tales for Brave Readers
One Smart Cookie
Picture Day
Pizza and Taco: Dare to Be Scared!
Player vs. Player #1: Ultimate Gaming Showdown
Player vs. Player #2: Attack of the Bots
Ready? Set. Rides! (Raymond and Roxy)
Shark and Bot #4: Epic Roller Coaster Ride!
Evil Genius: The Smartest Kid in the Universe, Book 3
Spellbinders: The Not-So-Chosen One
Spooky Sleuths #4: Fire in the Sky
Steve L. McEvil and the Second Wind
Sweet Valley Twins: Teacher's Pet
The Big Flush
The Eyes and the Impossible
The Little Bad Book #3
The Magnificent Makers #7: Human Body Adventure
The Stupendous Switcheroo
Tiger Daughter
Tiger Trouble (Tig and Lily Book 1)
Totally Random Facts Volume 2
Totally Random Questions Volume 7
Totally Random Questions Volume 8
Random House Teachers and Librarians