New Picture Books for Summer Fun

Summer means warm weather, ice cream, no school, and hilarious new picture books to read (at the beach with the ice cream)! Don’t miss these bright new titles from our favorite authors and illustrators.

Danny McGee Drinks the Sea

Danny McGee Drinks the Sea By Andy Stanton; illustrated by Neal Layton

Ages: 4–8 years

Here’s an utterly hilarious picture book—with a surprise ending—about a mischievous little boy who gobbles up the entire world, except for one thing. . . .

When Danny McGee, much to his big sister Frannie’s surprise, drinks the sea with a giant straw, it turns out he’s just getting started. Soon nothing is safe from getting swallowed whole by Danny McGee—not the mountains, not the trees, not even the weather girl on TV! He eats up America and all the people in the world, including the author, who is writing this book from inside Danny McGee! Danny swallows the alphabet and all the numbers, until there is absolutely nothing left . . . except, of course, his big sister, Frannie McGee. Absurdist humor throughout, along with a delicious twist at the end, will have kids laughing uncontrollably at this one-of-a-kind picture book.

This Book Will Not Be Fun

This Book Will Not Be Fun By Cirocco Dunlap; illustrated by Olivier Tallec

Ages: 3–7 years

As careful custodian of his book, a mouse tries to guarantee his reader some peace and order in spite of escalating chaos.

A book is no place for tomfoolery, and this mouse assures us that his book is to be no exception. Just please ignore that Word-Eating Flying Whale, and—oh no, the lights have gone out. Wait, what is THAT?! Nothing to fear . . . everything is under control. Readers will delight as this charming yet uptight mouse is challenged and subverted by Olivier Tallec’s gloriously imaginative creatures that are like nothing you’ve ever seen. Will our little mouse succumb to their overwhelming exuberance?


Naptastrophe! By Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Ages: 3–7 years

From the creator of Punk Farm and Lunch Lady comes a hilarious romp about one little girl’s insistence that she does NOT need a nap today.

It’s a tale as old as time—naptime, that is. Lucy insists she isn’t tired. She stays awake the whole time she’s in bed. See! She’s not tired. Then it’s time to help her dad with his errands. She can help. She’s not tired! But at the supermarket Lucy starts to falter. The lights get bright. It’s too loud. She can’t take it. It’s . . . a naptastrophe!

Where Are You?

Where Are You? By Sarah Williamson

Ages: 0–3

Hervé Tullet meets Leo Lionni in this simple and lively exploration of colors, shapes, and friendship.

A little green snake follows a little pink snake through the park, introducing readers to shapes, colors, and landscapes along the way. With a spare, playful text (“Where are you? Through the grass! Under the lily pad. In the sandbox!”) and fresh, energetic illustrations, this is the perfect book to inspire young readers, artists, and explorers.

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