Kids and educators cannot stop talking about graphic novels!

Hear from educators who use graphic novels in school

“I am very passionate about using graphic novels in my classroom. I talk about them often in my presentations at education conventions and I always hoped to challenge people’s thinking if they are hesitant about using graphic novels with children. I think they are an incredible contribution to children’s literature in the last decade.

My third grade students are in love with the format of graphic novels. They love that graphic novels span various genres, illustration styles, and story lines, so they always find one that fits their reading mood and preferences. Graphic novels are beloved by children of all ages, but they have proven to be an effective, engaging, and exciting format for my growing readers. They are complex, multilayered stories that invite readers to imagine and infer. I find time and time again that graphic novels offer the hook some young people need to fall in love with reading. When children finally see themselves as readers, they are more apt to pick up books to read for fun and learning. Many graphic novels have turned my students into voracious readers as they realize just how amazing books can be!”

Aliza Werner, 3rd Grade Teacher

“My students are reading.  And they are reading A LOT. Not only that, they are reading books they love over and over again while waiting impatiently for sequels to be released.

I never understand folks who say that graphic novels are not “real books” and insist that students choose books for projects that are not graphic novels.  Would they say the same thing about ‘nonfiction’? Think of all the nonfiction text features that could be interpreted as not a “real book.”

Graphic novels engage readers.  They excite them. Recently a third grader kept coming into the library every week for months, anticipating the release of Judd Winick’s Hilo #4, insisting that we send video clips to Judd exclaiming how much he loves Hilo.  Kids gathered around him all wanting in, all trying to get a word in about how much they love Hilo and graphic novels in general…

Kids feel part of graphic novels because they can read and see the expressions of characters at the same exact time.  The exclamation of ‘POW!’ just leaps off the page, much more so than it would if you were reading it as part of a prose text.

Graphic novels are real books.  They get kids excited about reading.  They are the best of both worlds–text and visuals that are not ‘picture books.’ Kids want to read graphic novels over and over again.  Want a sight? Just watch them salivate when they hear another book in a series will be released soon. Anything that gets kids leaping for reading is a plus in my book.  Graphic novels take it to the nth degree and get them diving head on!”

-Stacy Rattner, School Librarian

Kids love graphic novels, too!

“I like graphic novels because they give you fun and excitement.  They make you feel part of the book.”

Elementary School Student

“I like the words in the bubbles and the pictures.  I like the action of it!”

Fifth Grade Student

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