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Children’s Books by Black Voices to Read with Your Readers

Storytime Books and Activities

Click the resources below to discover storytime crafts to do at home! The activities can be completed with materials found around the house.

Spring/Summer 2021 Picture Book Brochure

Summer/Fall 2020 Picture Book Brochure

Spring/Summer 2020 Picture Book Brochure

Summer/Fall 2019 Picture Book Brochure

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Fall 2018 Picture Book Brochure

Sylvan Workbooks

Sylvan Learning is a tutoring provider with over 850 locations across North America. Their workbooks provide extra support and are great tools to continue building skills while students are away from the classroom! Discover all available workbooks.

Additional Storytime Books

Dr. Seuss

Escape This Book!

This new series is Choose Your Own Adventure meets I Survived meets doodling! In the Escape This Book! series, the reader is the star of history!

Exercise and Meditation

It’s important to keep active and moving while we are all stuck at home. Here are some great books to encourage movement, mindfulness, and activity!


The links below feature titles and activities that will stretch imagination muscles—in readers of any age.

Chapter Books

Nighttime Books

How do you keep a routine and unwind at the end of the day? Bedtime books with a focus on night are a great way to do so. Then, use activities from our guides the next day!

Nonfiction Books and Resources

Social Emotional Learning

STEAM books

Step Into Reading

Step Into Reading is a comprehensive leveled reader program designed to give every child a successful reading experience.

Additional Resources

Looking for more ways to engage with great texts? Try out the links below to find read alouds, project ideas, and activities for the youngest readers.

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