A Personal Penguin Craft and Read Along!

Penguin Problems

Penguin Problems By Jory John; illustrated by Lane Smith

Jory John and Lane Smith bring us all back to reality with this eye-opening look at the day-to-day struggle of the modern penguin, and we know children will laugh at the penguin’s goofy complaints! Follow the easy steps to craft a personal penguin, to use for an interactive storytime!

It ain’t easy being a penguin!

We all love penguins. They have that silly little waddle, they huddle together and it’s adorable. But the grass isn’t always greener, my friends. Penguins have it rough, too. I mean, it is FREEZING down there. They’re constantly being hunted. Plus, can you imagine trying to find your mom in a big ol’ crowd of identical penguins? No, thank you.

Personal Penguins

What you’ll need: glue, scissors, a toilet paper roll, black marker, white, black, orange and yellow paper, googly eyes

  1. Color the toilet paper roll black.
  2. Cut out an oval of white paper, and glue it near the bottom of the toilet paper roll for the stomach.
  3. Paste on the googly eyes.
  4. Cut out a small orange triangle for the beak, two medium yellow triangles for the feet, two large black triangles for the arms, and paste them all on.
  5. Read, play, and enjoy!
Penguin Craft
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